Where We Want to Live by Ryan Gravel

"The story of people can be told through our infrastructure.  ....  If we do it right, it will forever transform our way of life.  ... By claiming a more conscious role for infrastructure, we can help shape and advance this cycle of change and use its energy to establish the foundation for a better life... If we are thoughtful, if we work hard, and if we care, this new claim will allow us to leverage change to work for us, not against us, and in the process, catalyze the creation of the places where we want to live."

That's how "Where We Want to Live" by St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance Advisory Board member Ryan Gravel starts out.    I can't wait to get into the rest of it.   Ryan is a one-man change wave that swept through Atlanta - albeit in slow motion - with the Atlanta Beltline.   The Beltline is the archetypal catalyst for change - already changing the infrastructure and culture of Atlanta.  And it shows what one dedicated, creative and committed person can be the catalyst for positive change.  Each of us has the potential to be that kind of catalyst.  

You can get the book right here.  Where We want to Live.

It's a book that everyone who cares about trails as a force for healthy communities should read.  If you use the link, a small portion of the purchase will go to the Alliance via the Amazon Smile program.