Traffic Study in N. SJC - and future of multi-use Trails

News in Northern SJC
The CTTF (Citizen's Traffic Task Force) has advocated for, and accomplished, a traffic analysis study provided by the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (NFTPO). The results of the study will be shared at a Town Hall meeting this evening @ Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. The study analyzed the general current traffic conditions and the projected flow over the next decade. There is reference in the study to additional roadside bike lanes and sidewalks - - as per the complete street initiative. However, the funding is unavailable at this time. It does not appear that the study and its recommendations included SJC Greenways, trails and barrier lane solutions for alternate mobility. And, it is notable that the FDOT incurred a great expense for rumble strips install and removal and repaving of Scenic Highway A1A - perhaps $4M. Any comments would be welcome.

We need to create options for more alternate mobility as a traffic solution - a more sustainable county / community with multi-use access. We'll keep you posted. More to come...