SJC Agritourism Adventure

This past weekend, in the spirit of the Fall Season and on the eve of Halloween, my husband & I decided to venture out beyond our local area and check out the Loop. We began our adventure by visiting the Sykes & Cooper farm corn maze and festival. The turnout was great and the weather just enhanced the atmosphere. Thank goodness for a turning of the season - its been a grueling hot summer! There were lots of children and they were well entertained with activities from the jumping pad, petting zoo, train ride and a trek thru the corn maze. I particularly enjoyed the corn husk shooting launcher. Its a pressured system where you shoot a piece of corn toward a target across the field - $1 for two shots - was well worth it.

After arriving, we inquired about the Loop and realized it was down the road a bit - not yet connected to the farm. So we ventured there next and had a nice ride along the old railroad tracks. Then we headed to St. Augustine for some "destination" activity. We began at the Mission & Shrine but most of it was taped off due to storm damage. We traveled through the downtown biking on the sidewalk as I didn't feel comfortable riding alongside vehicles. It's such a great city with so much history, but more welcoming for pedestrians than bicycles when it comes to the downtown area unless your an avid roadside bicyclist.

The previous weekend we'd ventured to Jacksonville Beach and bicycled along the beachfront boardwalk and stopped for a bite to eat. Then, we navigated north on a few local streets up to Atlantic Beach where there are many user groups - bikers, walkers, skateboarders... it is very welcoming. Eventually, these areas will connect into N. St. John's County and thru the PV Greenway beyond to Nocatee Preserve and ultimately connect to the R2C Loop. That is the vision that is being undertaken by our SJC G&T Coalition. Hope you enjoy the pics and this great fall weather!