Ribbon Cutting on Grand Avenue DeLand

This morning we celebrated the Ribbon Cutting  for a section of the Loop in Volusia County.   It's a 1.7 mile section that completes the Loop from the south end of the Trail at Grand and Minnesota to DeLeon Springs. This section was completed by Volusia County.  You might be wondering why this short section had to be built as a sidewalk and unprotected bike lanes on each side of the road, instead of meeting SUNTrail standards for an off-road trail... the answer is the people of Glenwood didn't want it...    Sadly making our region safer for active mobility and well known as a cycling destination is not a priority for everyone.  The Ribbon was cut by trail advocates Pat Northey, Pat Patterson and Deb Denys.  

Deb Denys, Volusia County Council and a trail advocate, spoke about the 700 people who participated in Bike Florida - most were from out of state and many were international.  It will happen whether shortsighted people want it or not, but not always in optimal way.