Summit Venue Status

Submitted by Maggie Ardito on Tue, 07/04/2017 - 04:27


Thursday October 26: Stakeholder Meeting

  • 9-4
    • Headcount Estimate: 100-120 (by invitation - State, County, Municipality representatives, …. Others?)
    • Chair: RPC or OGT?
    • Venue: Presentation room, plus meeting room with flexible seating and space for breakout sessions
    • Current Venue Status:
      • County: Caroline is checking into availability of TCK Council Chambers (155) and Training Room (100, 60 chairs can get 40 more, 12 tables, training room kitchenette
      • Stetson – Matt is checking
    • Objective: Review current progress and set Stretch Goals, finalize program for Friday, Planning, organize panels, review documents
  • Evening: Reception/Happy Hour (Elusive Grape is reserved – need to check capacity and cost, or other downtown venue)


Friday  October 27: Full Day Program

  • 9-5
    • Focused on Synergy – how trails enable Active Mobility, Health and Fitness, Economic Development, Cycle Tourism, Active Aging, Vibrant Community
    • possible panel discussion involving DMOs and officials
    • Headcount Estimate: 180 (Open, but registration required, invite all interested)
    • Possible multi-tracks/breakouts
    • Chair: Alliance
    • Venue Requirements: Large room for 180 (fixed seating OK) plus space for breakout discussions and lunch and space for sponsor tables
    • Current Venue Status:
      • County: reserved no charge TCK Council Chambers (155) and Training Room (100, 60 chairs can get 40 more, 12 tables, training room kitchenette, checking on sponsor setup in Rotunda
      •                 Vendor Tables for sponsors & partners hoped to include hospitals, insurance, bike tours, attorneys, gov’t/quasi govt agencies, other nonprofits, etc
      •                 We also have the Historic Courthouse training room reserved for up to 80  let’s keep this for awhile longer, but may not need. 
      • Stetson: Matt is Checking for larger venue
      • If we really over-achieve on headcount we can look into the Athens Theater
    • Objective: Inform and engage the community, provide sponsor exposure
  • Evening: Artisan Alley, casual, table with literature, maybe need separate space

Saturday October 28

  • Spook Ride (this is under discussion, depends on available street/outdoor venue and participation/support from other organizations)
  • Headcount Estimate: 100-200 (casual open)
  • Venue requirements
    • Open space with parking, restroom facilities, space to set up tables and booths, possibly space for bike rodeo on paved area, within 1.5 miles of Oakdale Cemetery
  • Venue Status
    • Dreggors Park (Georgia, Caroline checking)
    • DeLand house area, Conrad Center, Stetson grassy lot east of DeLand House, Stetson parking lots ( Georgia, Caroline checking, Matt Checking Stetson owned parts)
  • Spooks and Spokes Halloween ride and costume/bike decor contest, mentoring, safety check
  • (potential smaller group post-event exploratory excursion at Loop and Rail Spur with meeting at DeLand Stockyard
  • Objective: Celebrate Trails and the Loop, educate and mentor would-be and young cyclists, spread the word and engage advocates, provide sponsor exposure