Deland Planning Meeting 062316

Submitted by Maggie Ardito on Tue, 06/13/2017 - 12:45

There will be a summit Planning Meeting in DeLand at West Volusia TAA Office on June 23 at 9 AM.  Please comment if you wish to attend, dial in or receive meeting notes. 

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Friday June 23 at 9:00 at West Volusia Tourism Office 116 W. New York Ave in DeLand.

This is an important meeting - it will lay groundwork for any who want to be involved in theSJR2C Loop Summit to set objectives for the next couple of months.

I am asking each of you to consider in advance of Friday’s meeting how you or your organization might be involved and potentially partner to help make the Summit successful. Especially the Saturday Bike Fair. We aren’t looking for commitment at this point – just ideas.

Please feel free to comment, add, improve or correct this informal Agenda.

Seeking volunteers to take notes and action items.


  1. Summit Format. I am putting up a strawman Summit Format for comment and correction. I expect some discussion on this and many action items.

Day 1 October 26: Stakeholder Meeting

Headcount Estimate: 40 (by invitation - State, County, Municipality representatives, …. Others?)

Chair: RPC or OGT?

Venue: Meeting room with flexible seating and space for breakout sessions

Objective: Review current progress and set Stretch Goals, finalize program for Friday

Evening: Reception/Happy Hour (Grape or other downtown venue)

Day 2 October 27: Full Day Program focused on Synergy – how trails enable Active Mobility, Health and Fitness, Economic Development, Cycle Tourism, Active Aging, Vibrant Community … possible panel discussion involving DMOs and officials

Headcount Estimate: 120 (Open, but registration required, invite all interested)

Chair: Alliance

Venue: Large room (fixed seating OK) plus space for breakout discussions and lunch and space for sponsor tables

Objective: Inform and engage the community

Evening: Artisan Alley, maybe need separate space?

Day 3: Bike Fair (this is under discussion, depends on available street/outdoor venue and participation/support from other organizations)

Headcount Estimate: 250-500 (casual open)

Spooks and Spokes Halloween ride and costume/bike decor contest

(potential smaller group post-event exploratory excursion at Loop and Rail Spur with meeting at DeLand StockYard.)

Objective: Celebrate Trails and the Loop, educate and mentor would-be and young cyclists, spread the word and engage advocates, provide sponsor exposure

2. Committee Reports – here are the current subcommittees (seeking designated leaders and more volunteers)


  • Sponsorships – Pat, Maggie, Herb, Kraig, Karl, Matt (Maggie will report)
  • Grants – Matt Schrager, Steve Tonjes reviewer? (Maggie will report)
  • Venues – Caroline, Kristine, Matt, other ? (Caroline will report – Maggie backup)
  • Thursday Day – wait listed for TCK Training Room
  • Thursday Evening - (Elusive Grape?)
  • Friday Day – (need several alternatives depending on headcount projections)
  • Friday evening - Artisan Alley
  • Saturday - TBD
  • Accommodations – Georgia, Kristine, (Steve/Matt possible camping, but Caroline says city doesn’t allow camping. Possibly a church just outside city. Maggie has identified alternative accom, but would not appeal to government people)
  • Promotion – Georgia, Caroline, other? Coordinate with DMOs, Chambers & Mainstreets
  • Bike Fair - Pamela, Steve, other? (Pamela and Steve can’t be present. We need other organizations to partner with us to make this feasible.)
  • Spooks and Spokes/Mentoring – Steve,
  • Monthly Bulletin – Target Date July 1 - Review and add content: Pamela, Herb, (Steve review)? (Maggie will report)


3. Action Item Review and plan for next meeting

The dial-in number for the meeting is:

(605) 475-4043

Access Code: 904689

We don’t have access to a speakerphone (just a cell) so can’t guarantee the audio… I’ll send out minutes after the meeting. If you have information to contribute or issues to discuss please send them to me in advance. During the meeting, feel free to speak up if you can’t hear - ask people to identify themselves and to move the phone closer when speaking and I will try to remember to do this also.