Local Hero Project

Award for Week Ending June 12

The Local Hero Award for the week ending June 12 is Betty English... a loyal mail carrier in DeLand who has delivered mail every day throughout the entire COVID-19 crisis - always with a cheery smile and an upbeat greeting.  Thanks to Betty and all the US mail carriers.  

Special note:  The St Johns River to Sea Loop Alliance is suspending our Recognize a Local Hero Project for now - we have exhausted our project fund. Thanks to all the donors and local heroes participating in the project.  We hope to get back in gear and get the wheels turning again on this project soon.  There are still many many local heroes who deserve recognition.   

Keep the Wheels Turning - Recognize a Local Hero in West Volusia! 

Here’s a way to honor people who have helped our local community weather the COVID-19 crisis, while at the same time provide economic stimulus to help local business survive and thrive on the other side.

Award for Week Ending May 22

This week the St Johns River to Sea Loop Alliance is pleased to be honoring the fourth Local Hero in our #RecognizeALocalHero Project. 

Charles Paiva is Regional Manager of seven Ability Rehabilitation Clinics in Volusia County. He and his staffs have continued to provide critically necessary rehab treatments to their patients throughout the COVID-19 crisis while simultaneously supporting and protecting employees. 

In addition Charles has continued to serve the DeLand community as Vice-Mayor and City Commissioners, providing leadership throughout the crisis, working to relieve financial anxieties and maintain city services to citizens and city staff as safe and healthy as possible.

Award for Week Ending May 16

This week the St Johns River to Sea Loop Alliance is thrilled to be honoring the third Local Hero is our #RecognizeALocalHero Project. 

Monica Perry is guidance counselor at St. Peter Catholic School and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  According to Kelly O’Leary “She is always readily available during this pandemic if children need someone to talk to.” 

Monica says “As a guidance counselor and therapist in private practice, I have the opportunity to provide crucial support to many people.  Those people include the students and families of St. Peter School, as well the clients in my practice.  There is a great, ever present need, for people to feel not only supported but challenged to be a better version of themselves. I do so by contacting students and families daily, to follow up on their struggles in coping with distance learning and providing community resources for them as they navigate these highly emotional times.”

Monica receives a Gift Card from Knead Sole Reflexology http://kneadsolereflexology.com/  and https://www.facebook.com/pg/kneadsolereflexology. To make this award even sweeter Knead Sole has offered to upgrade our $40 gift Card  for a full hour treatment.  The proprietor says “I was just reading up on this wonderful cause. Let's make it an hour! “  This is a FIRST for the  #RecognizeALocalHero Project!  This is very generous of Knead Sole since like all small local businesses they are struggling. 

Nominate a Local Hero

The Alliance has established a special fund dedicated to honoring local heroes while at the same time helping a locally-owned businesses. A Local Hero is anyone who is helping the community get through the current crisis. Get creative!

Every week a frontline or background worker will be selected to receive recognition and a gift certificate from a locally owned business.

Everyone is invited to nominate a local hero. We will be asking for nominations in specific categories for designated occupation types (nurses coming up soon) as well as general helpers. You can nominate any person at any time so long as they live or work in West Volusia. Nominees will be kept on file for future weeks. The program will continue until the project fund is exhausted so please help us keep it going.

Nominations are private - awardees will be announced on Facebook and River2SeaLoop.org. Please nominate by completing this form:

Nominate a Local Hero

If you have a photo please email it to info@river2sealoop.org
Everyone is also invited to recommend locally-owned businesses for purchase of gift certificates. Simply send email to info@river2sealoop.org, or post a message on our facebook page @SJR2C.

The #RecognizeALocalHero West Volusia project will continue until all funds are exhausted. Please help keep this project going with your donations. We are seeking donors and partners of all types to help keep this project going.  

If you would like to donate to the Recognize a Local Hero Fund please complete this form

Make a Donation to Recognize a Local Hero

100% of all donations will be used to purchase gift certificates.  The St Johns River to Sea Loop Alliance has the Guidestar Gold Star of Transparency so you can be assured your donation will go directly to our local heroes and benefit local businesses. 

Any business is invited to donate a gift certificate. It doesn't have to be local if you process e-commerce orders.  Simply send email to info@River2SeaLoop.org

If you don't live or work in West Volusia, we are happy to help establish this project in your own area. Let's GO VIRAL.