Hastings Section delays cause Summit postponement

Progress is being made on the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop (Palatka to St Augustine section) around Hastings but FDOT has notified us that although the section will be most likely be complete and turned over to the county by the end of the year, it will not be open in time for the planned ribbon cutting and trail celebration.  Since the trail will not be open, and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and rides and runs on the Loop were a big draw for the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Summit and Trail Celebration, the Alliance leadership and partners made the call to postpone the Summit until early spring.  As Alliance partner Heather Neville stated: "Sometimes hard calls lead to great things" and we expect with the added time that the Summit will be bigger, better, and more meaningful that ever with more strong partnerships and more compelling action plans for the future.   

The Loop crosses Rt 207 east of Deep Creek at Spuds.  FDOT is installing impressing traffic signals with "Stop on Red" indicators across the highway.   

I added a couple of shots of the wonderful trailhead at Cracker Branch just west of Hastings.  

Photos 10/4/18 by Maggie Ardito.

New photos of the Highway 207 crossing at Spuds 10/18/18 by Maggie Ardito