DeLeon Springs Ribbon Cutting

DeLeon Springs Ribbon Cutting, Ride and Trail Celebration

Cyclists celebrate at DeLeon Springs State Park

DeLeon Springs Ribbon Cutting, Ride and Trail Celebration

DeLeon Springs Ribbon Cutting, Ride and Trail Celebration

We arrived at DeLeon Springs State Park at 7:30 to set up for the picnic. Park Director Ken Torres kindly met us at the gate and let us in past the long line already queued for park entry. Since no cars would be allowed in later we pedaled to the Ribbon Cutting Site to join the crowd assembling there while Jack stood guard over the picnic setup. Meanwhile Wendy picked up the donuts & set up the the booth, Melon checked in riders at Fichter Trails head and Jim and Edith led the riders to the Ribbon Cutting. The logistics were a little complicated but nowhere near as challenging as at Gobblers. We didn’t have quite enough volunteers. Our Daughter Marina & Grandson Dom cam up from Malabar to assist and somehow we made it work.

We had another good crowd for the ceremony. Jeff Brower, Volusia County Council Chairman kicked off the presentations, then Barb Girtman, County Council for District 1, then Maggie, then Georgia Turner Visit West Volusia, and Amy Munizzi DeLeon Springs Community Assoication… Everyone was so generous is their support for trails and the alliance – it was really encouraging and heartwarming.

Ride from Fichter Trailhead (Human Society Rd) to DeLeon Springs for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony followed by beautiful DeLeon Springs State Park for a limited number of cyclists and picnic lunch with optional swimming in the spring. 

Tim Baylie, Volusia County Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture is a trail advocate and part of the reason the Loop exists as a Florida SUN Trail. Someone said at the event they wished their county had advocates like Tim, Pat, Jeff, Amy, Georgia, Barb and the rest of us. People who won’t take “NO WAY” for an answer! There’s always a way with vision, dedication and perseverance – and a lot of hard work!

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