Closing the Blue Spring Gap

Volusia County Council is meeting at 9 this morning. Item T addresses the Gap in the SJR2C Loop between the Blue Spring Trail and the rest ... DeBary Station and the Spring-to-Spring Trail heading east.... Kudos to Volusia! The gap is about 5 miles long and won't be complete until 2019. But only 1 mile is THE CRITICAL GAP... from the dead end of the Blue Spring Trail to Donald E. Smith Blvd. There is literally no safe way around this 1 mile chunk of sand and we would like to see it expedited. If you can be there to support please come. Here are a few slides I hope they will let me show... will report later today.  You can see the entire presentation by clicking the link below.


Here's the report... They approved Consent Item T and they let us speak and they let me show 2 slides... plus Matt Schrager and Kelsy Michely both spoke about the importance of closing the gap and Jack Knicely and Linda Fisher Knicely were there for support ... Everyone on the Council was visibly in favor of getting moving on the design.   County Chair Ed Kelley said the time to get things like this in is during design, but in this case there is not to be a Design phase because they are going directly to Design/Build contracts.. In my engineering experience it's far better to know facts, requirements and desired features too early rather than too late. So our presentation was timely and we need to continue to work with the county to influence priorities and scheduling.  

Here's another image from Volusia county that might clarify the issue...  If they would just get that "critical gap" segment closed, it would be simple to ride from Deland or Orange city to DeBary Station and the Spring to Spring, without riding along 17/92.   The green line shows the interim route one could take along Shell road. The sooner Volusia County closes the Critical Gap the better! 

Blue Spring Gap interim route