Alliance Effort Recognized in Expediting Closing of the Blue Spring Gap

Great news for Trail Fans and kudos to Volusia County Engineer Jerry Brinton. He has committed to getting that critical Blue Spring Gap between Detroit Terrace and Donald E. Smith Blvd closed as soon as possible! Work will begin on July 1 and will focus on the critical gap first and will not let complications with less critical sections delay its opening.

As Jerry Brinton said in an email to FDOT

"This revision is so that we can expedite the "critical gap" that the St Johns River-to- Sea Loop Alliance is eagerly pushing for early completion."

He also said in response to questions from Alliance advocates Herb Hiller and Pat Northey "We are moving forward with expediting the missing trail segment (critical gap) between Detroit Terrace where the trail ends now and Don Smith Blvd."

Below is the county's most recent plan. Note that it calls out the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop by name! This is really important to getting name recognition for the Loop. This may be the first Volusia County map to do so - at least the first I've seen. Volusia County is proceeding with other gaps on the Loop including east of Osteen and on Grand Ave toward DeLeon Springs.

Special thanks to Herb, Pat, Matt Schrager, Kelsy Michely, Tim Baylie, Chris Cloudman, John Taylor, and many others who helped bring this issue to light and make this happen..

And extra special High Five and BIG THANKS to County Engineer Jerry Brinton. He listened and took action. He doesn't give a date yet for gap closing but based on this recent information we are confident he will do everything possible to close the gap as soon as possilbe and no later than summer of 2018. Nice work everyone! Soon we will be able to safely ride from the Spring-to-Spring Trail at Dirksen and DeBary SunRail Station to Blue Spring State Park and beyond. It shows what can be accomplished by working together.

Keep up the good work, everyone. Note that until the Gap is closed, the map below that I created with ArcGIS shows the best way around it.