Volusia County Loop Progress

I checked out the status of the Volusia County Trail work on the Edgewater & Deltona connection to the Brevard county line.  It's happening, folks!   Great progress.  Although I must stress that the trail is NOT open yet and there are chunks missing, I encountered two separate intrepid ladies who were out pushing the envelope.  Tammy later wrote me that she was able to ride all the way from Edgewater to Titusville, pushing her bike through some sandy patches along the way.   Some seriously hefty bridges!  There is lots of work still to be done.  And that pesky section from Guise Road to Gobblers Lodge will not be started until next year.  Kudos to Volusia County for the great progress!  Here's an overview of the anticipated dates. 


Status of Volusia County Trails


Painting the Loop Map GREEN!

SJR2C Loop passes under I95 new Section in Brevard County

So thrilling to be able to change a huge chunk of the Loop Green for Existing Trail!   Click the new map at the link below to see the new section.   And send a big BRAVO! and Congratulations to Brevard County for this huge accomplishment. 

The final stretches of North Brevard's long-awaited "rail trail" officially opened February 24 with a Community Cycle Fun Day. 

The 15-mile Florida East Central Regional Rail Trail within Brevard County stretches from Canaveral Avenue in Titusville to the Volusia County line. 

Lots of Fun at Titusville's Community Cycle Fun Day yesterday. The trail is now complete all the way from Titusville to the Volusia line and the town turned out to celebrate.  It passes under I95 at Aurantia road.  You can see the equipment still in place. 

There is an equestrian trail beside the paved trail from Aurantia Road to the Volusia Line - about 6 miles.  There is a trailhead parking lot (no facilities) near Aurantia Road.  (Hover over photos for captions)